2100 Computer Lane - Value Added Computer Consulting

2100 Computer Lane prides itself on developing quality Linux, Windows and OS X Solutions. Whether it be a simple web page or blog, or a complex server-based application, 2100 Computer Lane can provide you with a custom solution that meets your needs.

2100 Computer Lane works with various different technologies including JAVA, C/C++, C#, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AJAX, JQuery, CSS3, HTML5, PHP 5.6/7, Perl, Objective C++, TomCat, and Apache. 2100 Computer Lane specializes in database-driven web sites and web services.

Where possible, 2100 Computer Lane prefers to incorporate open-source software when appropriate. However, we strive to honour the client's need for privacy and security first for all custom-developed applications. As such, we strive to develop software that uses open-source without releasing the source code if that is the client's desire. We do this by separating client code from that of the open-source applications or libraries in compliance with software licensing. We also strive to contribute back or release any fixes or improvements to the open-source software that we make.

2100 Computer Lane also consults on High-Performance Computing. We can help you design your high-end solution or even build it for you everything from Gaming Systems to Content Creation Workstations to Linux Servers and Beowulf Clusters.

Finally, 2100 Computer Lane offers computer services like Antivirus / Malware scanning and removal, Windows and Linux System software and hardware repair and Removal, System and Network local and cloud backup and disaster recovery and residential and small business networking.