2100 Computer Lane - Value Added Computer Consulting

2100 Computer Lane prides itself in developing quality Linux, Windows and OS X Solutions. Whether it be a simple web page or blog, or a complex server based application, 2100 Computer Lane can provide you a custom solution that meets your needs.

2100 Computer Lane works with various different technologies including JAVA, C/C++, C#, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AJAX, JQuery, CSS3, HTML5, PHP 5.3, Perl, Objective C++, TomCat, and Apache. 2100 Computer Lane specializes in database driven web sites and web services.

Where possible 2100 Computer Lane incorporates open source software. This does not mean that software we provide our clients also needs to be open source that depends on how the open source software is used and under which license it is released. For instance a java application which uses open source jar libraries released under the apache license does not require that the application itself be released under apache license as long as the requirements of the license are met.

2100 Computer Lane also consults on High Performance Computing. Anything from Desktop design to Server to Beowulf Clustering. Owner has 5 years’ experience designing and selling Beowulf Clusters and High Performance Computers.