2100 Computer Lane offers a wide variety of Computer Services.

Our primary focus is Web and Application Development. We have experience working with applications written for the Web as well mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. 2100 Computer Lane has experience working with the following technologies Apache, AJAX, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, MySQL, Objective-c, Perl, HTML, Python, SOAP and XML.

2100 Computer Lane specializes in High Performance System and Cluster Design. If you need anything from performance gaming system to full Beowulf Cluster, We have the experience to provide it.

2100 Computer Lane offers help desk and other computer services. We offer repair services for broken Computers, setup of new Computers and Networking Equipment and removal of Viruses and Spyware. Support Contracts are available.

2100 Computer Lane offers Consulting, Migration and Support Services to those looking at switching to Open Source Software. Whether it's switching from Microsoft Office to Libre Office or Microsoft Windows to Ubuntu, 2100 Computer Lane can help you with the transistion.